Ike is… service orientated, professional, solution orientated, personable, well presented person. He handles pressure & communicates extremely well with top executives. He will be one of SA’s future leader. –

Clare James

Director of Sales and Marketing at SA Golf and Leisure Vacations

June 2, 2009, Clare was a client of Ike’s



Ike is much more than merely competent, gets things done and is no one’s fool. Above all, he is a thoroughly decent man whom you can trust. –

Basil Bey

Mr at Bishops College

January 3, 2011, Basil was senior to Ike but didn’t manage directly



Ike posses professional and client orientated approach at all times. Having worked in an environment where client services and brands is key. He always maintains high levels of client services and able to connect with people from diverse employee levels, from security personnel to executive level. He has branded his personality as true brand surgeon and prioritizes business interests before everything else. A true leader who marched in front and take failures in team environment and shares success with the team. A true Director in the sense of the word.

Sithembele Mpofu

Colleague at Minanawe Marketing

May 20, 2017, Ike worked with Sithembele in the same group




Ike Bam has been involved with Sporting Chance for the past 15 years and is one of those wonderful people who is passionate about what he does. He takes time to understand what a problem could possibly be, works out a solution and then implements the strategy.

His is a tremendous personality and someone who will do well in whatever he sets out to achieve.

I will gladly stand as a character referee for Ike.

Best Wishes

Brad Bing

MD Sporting Chance

May 22, 2017, Brad managed Ike directly