All Model C Schools Need This….

I met with the Director of Rugby and Deputy Headmaster on Tuesday, SACS has plenty of money in the bursaries and Scholarships kitty. Currently they have about 60 boys who are on these scholarships and bursaries from within their catchment areas. What they are lacking are kids who come from the townships, cape flats and farms.

What they want to do is build up their age groups from the Junior school, so the kids will have to be predominantly be filtering in from that side.


Basic requirements: English for communication reasons, the school will help out with Mathematics, Science etc. Obviously the big plus is someone sporty, rugby tops and also someone who can play other sports in the summer.

What I am really keen on is a kid who is super energetic, lively and is keen to take in all that SACS has to offer. Play sports, join other societies – Music, Take part in plays, Service Oriented and show signs of leadership.

I know it’s like a lot to ask but I did it and I got my badge. I have the most fun.

By the end of my matric year I was a school and Hostel Perfect, Played first team rugby for 2 years, toured Zimbabwe and the U.K. Played keeper for the Second Team, played 2nd team at squash, played tennis, chairman of the African Ethos club, Xhosa best speaker and Xhosa all round awards, took part in school plays and kept a C aggregate in my academics.


What I want to do and this something that is missing from most if not all modelling C schools is a mentorship programme run by me at SACS where the kids are looked after and mentored by me. I will be showing them the ropes of how I did things to survive at the school.

These kids need someone they can relate to, someone who speaks their language that they can talk to and lay down their grievances, etc.

I will check up on them on a weekly basis making sure everything is hunky dory with them.

Furthermore at high school, the ones that are on bursaries an scholarships going into tertiary don’t know what is waiting for them outside there in the big bad world. No bursaries and scholarships. They have to do student loans. They are all alone and no one to show them what to do. For the first time they have to handle their own affairs.

I would like to carry on the mentoring through their tertiary years until that first day they start their first job.


What I hope this will achieve that these kids come back and start the cycle of getting other kids through school system they went through.

Above all this I will also like to avail my services to companies that give out bursaries and scholarships to manage their students as they get get about their studies to become qualified in their specific fields. This goes for learners in high school and tertiary.

This will come at a cost to the respective companies.

I hope I have given you enough insight into the whole project.

Been wanting to do this for years.


One thought on “All Model C Schools Need This….

  1. Love the work you doing Ike! Keep it up bud! You are really going to make a massive difference in not 1 not 2 but many childrens lives! You are awesome china!!!

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